Keynote – Scaling Knowledge at Waze – The Role of Data Science(s)

Roy Sasson, Ph.D

Waze serves more than 140 Million MAUs and thousands of partners across 4 different product pillars. In this talk, I will discuss the intersection between the Analytical Infra and scientific practices we have embraced at Waze, on top of Google Cloud Platform, and how they fit our view of the evolving roles of Data Scientists.

Talk language: Hebrew

October 19, 2021
Hall A
Roy Sasson, Ph.D
Roy Sasson, Ph.D

Roy is a Data Science Executive with a 15-year track record of applying machine learning in both business and academic domains. Building teams and data-driven cultures. Currently at Google, heading the Data Guild at Waze (which includes data science, product analytics and data eng groups), responsible for most of Waze's Machine Learning models and analytical frameworks, serving more than 140 million maus. Previously was Chief Data Scientist at Outbrain, one of the largest content recommendations platforms in the world. Roy’s Academic background includes a PhD in Econometrics from Tel Aviv University, a teaching affiliation at TAU's school of economics and at the IDC's executive business school.
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Roy Sasson, Ph.D

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