Data governance – data integrity, access control and some other stuff

Doron Porat

Maintaining a modern data platform is a difficult task, and a big chunk of it being difficult is the challenge of ruling the data, storing and updating metadata, and creating observability around it. A fancy word for this would be Data governance. I'm going to talk about the challenge of governing data in a data lake distributed environment and how we do it in Yotpo.

Talk language: Hebrew

October 19, 2021
Hall A
Doron Porat
Doron Porat

Hey! I'm in the data business for more than 10 years. I started in a BI services company where I got to build data warehouses for many different start up companies, and eventually arrived in Yotpo to build a data warehouse - it's been almost 6 years since. Everything else has changed - I shifted towards a world of big data infrastructure and I'm loving every minute.

Doron Porat

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