In-Person | October 19, 2021 | ZOA, Tel-Aviv​



Registration & Breakfast
Opening session
Keynote - Scaling Knowledge at Waze - The Role of Data Science(s)
Roy Sasson, Ph.D

Waze serves more than 140 Million MAUs and thousands of partners across 4 different product pillars...

Keynote - A Brief History of Big Data
David Ostrovsky

In this talk we’ll go back over 20 years to the dawn of the modern big data age and look at the...

From Mishmash to A Data Mesh
Yaniv Shalev

Transitioning from a 10 people startup to a mature organization with more than 1000 employees...

Doctor-in-the-loop: Interactive Machine Learning in Healthcare AI
Rachel Wities

Working in a Healthcare startup, one of my most frustrating experiences was to ask doctors to do...

1st Coffee Break
Logging Apache Spark - How we made it easy
Simona Meriam

Are you familiar with the following Scenario? You're running your Apache Spark app on EMR, and the...

Modeling Categorical Variables with Bayesian Networks
Erez Filosof Timnat

Imagine facing a dataset with multiple categorical variables. There are complex dependencies between...

Apache Hudi vs Delta Lake vs Apache Iceberg
Itamar Syn-Hershko

Data warehousing has come a long way in the past few years, solving many challenges like cost effici

When the anomalies become normal: anomaly detection on big data
Andres Asaravicius

Anomaly detection is a well-studied area of research; however, anomaly detection techniques often...

Spark Streaming with Delta Lake - Tricks and Treats
Hen Ben Hemo

Delta Lake is a smart storage & metadata layer designed to expand the capabilities of the modern...

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Cancellation Policy

The conference will be in-person and not virtual, and will take place according to the COVID-19 regulation at the time of the conference. If we will not be able to hold an in-person event, we will postpone it and not make it virtual. In case of cancellation of the event or if the event is postponed to another date, we will offer a full refund to all attendees and sponsors.

Attendee cancellations:

Up to 30 days prior to the event – 100% Refund 30-14 days prior to the event – 50% Refund. No refund will be offered later than that.